How it works

We know that, in many circumstances, you won’t be able to remove furniture on your own. It’s just so heavy. Fortunately, no furniture is too heavy for the team at Junk Hunter. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be there soon to haul it all away.





Ready to schedule appointment? No problem- just give us a call at (925) 286-9909! Or, if you prefer, book our crew online. They’ll squeeze your appointment in according to your schedule!


As soon as our pros get a grasp of the amount of junk you need removed, they’ll offer you a free quote! Rest assured that you won’t be paying any rate higher than that price.


After you approve your quote, haulers start picking up your junk right away! Before you know it, all your things will be properly disposed of and your space looking its best.

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Schedule Junk Removal Services

That furniture isn’t going anywhere unless you take action. Fortunately, that action doesn’t have to be the act of hauling the furniture on your own. However, you will, at the very least, have to schedule an appointment with us. The good news is that it’s not hard at all! Simply click Book Now, let us know about your unwanted furniture, and we’ll be there to serve you shortly!

If you don’t like online booking, and you’d rather speak to us over the phone, then we can make that happen! All you need to do is dial 925-286-9909. After a few moments, you’ll be greeted by a friendly team member who’s excited to learn more about you and your furniture.


Why Our Junk Removal?

Do you want to know the most common reason why people choose our furniture removal services instead of doing it themselves? To save time. As you might be able to imagine, DIY furniture removal is no easy task. In many cases, you won’t even be able to lift the furniture on your own, meaning you’ll have to call your friends or family members for help. So, right away, you’re already losing time. By the time your helpers show up, you’ll have to spend additional hours carrying the furniture off the property, loading it onto a vehicle, and transporting it to a disposal site. Needless to say, when we do the work, the process goes by much more quickly. We’ll be there when you need us to be, and we’ll be as quick as a whip. In the blink of an eye, your furniture will be in our truck, and you won’t have to follow us to the nearest landfill, either.

What makes us a better choice for furniture removal services than the other companies? Well, our team is friendlier, faster, and more careful as well. When we are taking on a project involving a large, awkwardly shaped object, (as we do with our sofa removal service and mattress removal service) we will always take extra precautions to avoid scraping it against the walls and floors. We won’t leave a single scratch behind. What’s more, we’ll sweep up behind ourselves, too. That way, any dust bunnies that were colonizing beneath the furniture go in the trash instead of going everywhere else.

We are also more affordable than our competitors, too! Don’t want to spend too much money? Then we’re the right choice for you. What you’ll owe us ultimately depends on how much truck space your furniture uses up. As it turns out, we can estimate this shortly after we arrive! One glance at your furniture, and we’ll be able to provide you with an upfront service quote. Unlike the franchise-based junk removal companies, we won’t send all your cash out of the state. We are locally owned and operated, so you’ll be supporting a small business and your area’s economy all in one fell swoop.



Still looking for reasons to trust our company for junk removal? Although we believe that our service quality speaks for itself, we’ll give you more reasons to consider!


    Our business is locally owned, bringing a personalized approach to your junk removal services! Our guys treat you with utmost kindness throughout the entire process.

  • HOUR

    Open 24/7, same and next-day service Additionally, we knock out your junk removal tasks super quick! Your home or property will be spotless in the blink of an eye.


    With a close eye for detail, our team makes sure that no step gets missed. They handle all your heavy lifting, loading, hauling, disposal, and cleanup-all expertly!